Financing Options to Buy Custom Medical Vehicles


“More Bang for Your Buck”

At some point, your service will need to determine what is the best cost-benefit to procure a new vehicle. Your budget may also need to plan for the equipment replacement as well. Except for buildings, it’s usually the most expensive purchase a service provider may ever make.

Tell us your needs and let us partner with you to custom tailor the solution for your service. From business development to purchasing, acquisitions, funding, and more...

A flexible customized tool to help your company prosper. Today, over 50% of all commercial vehicles and 40% of all capital equipment is leased. Leasing is simply an alternative method of purchasing vehicles and capital equipment without a large cash outlay.

Up to 100% of the vehicle or equipment price including down payment and applicable tax can be leased, keeping your liquidity intact and conventional lines of credit available when a new opportunity comes knocking at your door!

Generally, when leasing you are replacing obsolete vehicles and equipment with cutting-edge products with a decreased cost of operation. The new equipment may save money on maintenance, repairs, and downtime.

As your service area expands and call volume increases, the utilization of your vehicle and equipment takes the toll. The expected “usable life,” of that vehicle decreases. Let us assist you with the liquidation of your older high mileage vehicle and return some residual value back to your department budget. Waiting too long to replace your vehicle leaves you at the mercy of increased material costs, chassis cost, downtime, repairs, etc., that erode the replacement value of your vehicle.

In these challenging times of reimbursement, many EMS organizations struggle to find sufficient funding to maintain daily operations. It becomes more of a struggle to obtain funding for new vehicles and equipment. Consideration of alternative funding methods can provide significant upgrades to your fleet and equipment at little additional cost. You may reduce the cost of your new replacement vehicle by accelerating the liquidation of your current aging vehicle.

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